In the air, we all are weightless.

Photoshooting in Vik (Iceland). Photography: Jónas Thorbergsson
For those who are happy with who they are, for those who enjoy the beauty of their tall, strong, soft, thin, big, small body with no complex, for those who enjoy running on the beach, dancing in a class, being absolute beguinners in a physical activity, for those who don´t fight for their dreams, but achieve them day by day, for all these people, we say: float with us.
Photoshooting in Barcelona (Spain)
Photoshooting in London (UK). Photography: Ana Escobar 
#wiinkgravity is a concept I created as a way to introduce this brand in the market. Working together with the owner of the company in Barcelona, we focused on making from physical activity something all people can enjoy and create beauty from. In a society where the concept of beauty is canned and stereotyped into few options, the message we wanted to convey was way beyond the marketing positioning. We wanted to make people think what do they feel about their bodies, because in our opinion, all types of body, all sort of people are able to create beauty.
Having being big myself as a teenager, I always resisted the idea of that mainstream idea of beauty we see on magazines and advertising. When the owner of the company approached me to help her with the strategy and positioning of the brand, we found that  we were on the same page: creating a brand aligned with our personal values.
We did three photo shootings, Vik (Iceland), Barcelona (Spain) and London (UK), created the hashtag #wiinkbcngravity to share them on social media and invited people to share their floating experiences with us and others. 

It has been also my pleasure to honor the company's request to create a legging design for the brand, and to be a model for one of the pictures. 

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