When we started working together, Pisces Accounts was serving clients of different size and industries. In the Strategy Session we run with them, a new audience was defined: creative professionals looking for a lifestyle business, and so a new website conveying the values, personality and services that connected to this audience was defined.
The goal of the website is to engage the creative audience, and to so to talk the creative language of the audience and surprise them was key. A cleaner and clearer website both in content and visuals was needed to remove the complexity connected with accounting, and position Pisces not only as experts but also as experts that know how to work with and for creatives.

From the new brand we had previously defined, we developed a variety of assets, illustrations, animations, icon sets, forms and a key component: the Pisces Journey Map.
The website has simplified most of its content, making it more accessible to the audience. The new brand, clean and clear, warm and funny, helps the audience connecting immediately with the visual and written language of Pisces, and help Pisces stand out from the competition.

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