Cápsula del tiempo is an exhibition that gathers the stories and photographic view of senior women of the different rural regions in Huelva (Spain).
As a part of the project, I was commissioned by the regional government of Huelva to create a distinctive look & feel for the book containing the photographies included in the exhibition.​​​​​​​
The main goal of the project is capture these women's experiences through their oral tradition and see how they express themselves in a new media for most of them: the photographic one. The book, then would serve the purpose of the project: to create a time capsule containing stories that belong to the past and visions that are happening in the present to be rediscovered in the future.
Time capsules are buried underground, so it felt natural to use topographic maps as a theme, reinforced by the use of a gentle color palette identifying the predominant color in every one of the regions.​​​​​​​
Given the different sizes, dimensions, resolutions and cropping, and the different length of text or its complete absence, the layout had to be flexible enough while maintaining consistency. The choice of a minimal contemporary design for a subject linked with tradition and heritage helps to reinforce the timeless voice and views of these women.
The result is a minimal design that creates consistency and conveys diversity at the same time.

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