I help brands defining and developing their personallity, so that they can offer innovative experiences to their audience. I work together with clients creating a process for the growth of their brand language so that they can communicate effectively with their audience both visually and verbally.
I've had the pleasure of helping clients from any size (single professional to international institutions), field (art foundations to financial corporations) and culture (Japan, Romania, US, Iceland, Spain, Dubai, UK).
Overthinking pays off.
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"It was a great pleasure working with Otilia. After one consultation, Otilia designed a wonderful site, within our existing sight and gave us tools that we have been able to use or the last three years, with a look that is still current and fresh. And, she did it all while from Spain. So an email here and there for changes, one skype call and a few weeks later, we had a new designed site!"
Antoine Joyce, Vicepresident All Stars Project Texas

"I worked with Otilia for about a year when I was a producer at Hill+Knowlton. Not only she is a meticulous designer with a great attention to detail, she's also very dedicated and passionate about her work. Her creative approach and flexibility quite often impressed me as she often managed to exceed our client's expectations.​​​​​​"​
Thida Eng, Programme Manager

"Innovative and imaginative, she is one of the most versatile people I've met: design, photography, video, art, communication ... their interests and skills are broad, but they are always marked by the same core idea: CREATIVITY. "
Rebeca Febrer, Journalist for Social Projects
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