We love monsters. That was a sentence I read as a child on a magazine. There was a picture of Christopher Lee as Dracula, eyes and mouth filled with blood. I was terrified and fascinated. Were we really able to love monsters?
I was, I am. I find so much tenderness in monsters, they are so lost, trying to survive in this life with their no-life...
Monsters became a sort of shelter for me, a place I could always go back to, terrified and comforted at the same time.
This is an ongoing project/homage to them. We all travel with our imagination to twisted cemetery fences, highly ornamented Gothic castles or richly decorated clothed heroes and villains when we hear Gothic literature...but conveying these stories in a single object, treated with clinical minimalism, subtle backgrounds and aseptic sans serif fonts...well, that is another story. 
I hope you find it worth to read it...

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